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    Silicon Edge Law Group LLP

    At Silicon Edge Law Group, we provide innovative, efficient, and cost-effective legal services to help you obtain, enforce, and maximize the value of your intellectual property, and to protect your business from intellectual property abuse by others. We are a premier boutique patent, copyright, trademark, and corporate law firm. Our attorneys have decades of patent prosecution, litigation, and corporate law experience. Our backgrounds and knowledge of patent law and technology allow us to provide a broad spectrum of sophisticated intellectual property and corporate law services.

    The SELG Difference

    • Attorneys with Decades of IP and Corporate Experience
    • Extensive Experience Handling Complex Corporate Matters
    • Proven Track Record of Winning IP Cases Against Firms Large and Small
    • Lean and Efficient Case Staffing
    • SELG IP Attorneys Have Technical Backgrounds and are Registered to Practice Before The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    • Understand and Routinely Handle Complex Technologies
    • Our Focus is on Client Service and Results