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Business Litigation For High Tech Companies

In addition to registered patent and trademark attorneys, the SELG team also includes business and corporate attorneys that handle a variety of business litigation and corporate matters.  Our trial experience includes patent, trademark, copyright, business and corporate disputes, and antitrust litigation. Our versatile and experienced trial attorneys can help you resolve a wide range of business and IP litigation issues.

We efficiently manage all of our business and IP litigation without sacrificing either the quality or sophistication of our services.

Experienced and Versatile Trial Lawyers Able to Handle Any Courtroom Challenge

Examples of some of the business and corporate litigation problems we have resolved include:

  • Antitrust and contract issues related to patent defense or enforcement proceedings;
  • Breach of contract claims and defenses that arise under licensing agreements or marketing and distribution arrangements;
  • Enforcement of rights under patent, trademark or copyright law;
  • Insurance litigation involving tender of defense, indemnification or other coverage issues;
  • Corporate disputes concerning the validity, interpretation or enforcement of shareholder or management rights;
  • Commercial litigation related to the enforcement of vendor or customer agreements;
  • Disputes within closely held corporations or small partnership groups concerning buyout terms, patent ownership rights, noncompete agreements, trade secrets issues or management succession;
  • Enforcement of rights under broken business purchase or merger agreements;
  • Fraud, material misrepresentation or nondisclosure claims; and
  • Business and corporate litigation on behalf of foreign clients in U.S. courts.


Our trial experience and thorough understanding of business litigation strategy and tactics will help you take advantage of the full range of procedural options that will help you achieve your goals.

For additional information about the scope of our litigation practice and our recent litigation victories on behalf of our clients, please contact an SELG attorney today.