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SELG Obtains Judgment for iControl Networks in Interference Against

Patent Trial and Appeal Board (iControl Networks v., Interference 106,001) – In a contested case involving mobile device monitoring and control of home and business security and automation systems, the PTAB denied all of’s motions and canceled all involved claims of’s patent. All of iControl’s involved claims were validated and have issued in U.S. Patent 9,141,276. was represented by Fish & Richardson.

SELG Obtains Judgment For Alacritech in Second Interference Against HP

Patent Trial and Appeal Board (Connery v. Boucher, Interference 105,909) – In a second interference involving high performance network interfaces, the PTAB cancelled all claims of HP’s continuation patent.

HP was represented by Fenwick and West.

SELG Obtains Favorable Settlement For Defendant PureTek Corporation In Contentious Patent Infringement Case

Mission Pharmacal Company v. PureTek Corporation, (patent infringement) U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas, SA-12-CA-920-OLG (HJB) – SELG obtained a highly favorable settlement for PureTek Corporation, and complete dismissal of the case. PureTek was sued for patent infringement by Mission Pharmacal Company, a provider of pharmaceutical and consumer products. PureTek Executive Vice President Steve Pressman said, “Silicon Edge did an excellent job. We received everything we wanted in the settlement and couldn’t be happier with the results they achieved. Because of their excellent work and creative problem solving, we received a great settlement. And, Mission and PureTek are now working together in a mutually beneficial way.”

Mission Pharmacal Company was represented by Norton Rose Fulbright LLP (formerly Fulbright & Jaworski LLP), a multinational firm having more than 3,800 attorneys.

Federal Circuit Affirmed Victory SELG Obtained For Alacritech in Interference Against HP

Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (Connery v. Boucher, 2012-1612) – The Federal Circuit Affirmed the Decision of the Patent Office Board of Appeals and Interferences confirming the judgement SELG obtained for client Alacritech against HP in an interference.

HP was represented by Fenwick & West.

SELG Obtains Judgment in Interference Against HP

Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences (Connery v. Boucher, Interference 105,775) – SELG obtained judgment for client Alacritech against HP in an interference involving high performance network interfaces. All twenty claims in HP’s patent were ordered canceled, and Alacritech’s broadest claims survived an aggressive attack by HP.

HP was represented by Fenwick & West.

SELG Obtained Summary Judgment of Non-Infringement Against GuideTech

Brilliant Instruments, Inc. v. GuideTech, Inc., (patent infringement) U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, C09-05517 CW (JCS) – SELG obtained summary judgment of patent noniinfringement in an acrimonious and hotly contested patent infringement case; “exceptional case” motion for attorney fees is currently pending.

GuideTech was represented by Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP.adobe_pdf

SELG Obtained Dismissal With Prejudice For Client Alacritech

Xpoint  v. Microsoft, et al., (patent infringement) U.S. District Court, District of Delaware, 09-CV-00628 SLR – SELG convinced plaintiff in massive multi-defendant case to dismiss our client Alacritech with prejudice.

Xpoint was represented by Sughrue Mion, PLLC.

SELG Obtained Favorable Settlement for Promise Technology from Crossroads Systems

Promise Technology v. Crossroads Systems, (patent infringement) U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, C07-06128 JF – successfully settled a patent infringement declaratory relief action involving Crossroads’ allegations that our client Promise Technology was infringing a family of patents in the remote storage industry. Crossroads has been aggressively asserting and litigating its family of patents for many years, and shortly after the settlement, Crossroads sued ten of our client’s competitors in the Western District of Texas for infringement of patents in the same patent family. Our pro-active approach enabled Promise not only to obtain a favorable settlement but to avoid litigation in Texas.

Crossroads was represented by DLA Piper in litigation and by the Sprinkle IP Law Group in settlement negotiations.

SELG Successfully Settled Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Collabrus v. Edifecs (trademark infringement), U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, C07-01097 SI – successfully settled lawsuit against an infringer of our client’s trademark by, inter alia, overcoming the defense that the infringer had owned and used a domain name consisting of the mark prior to the filing of the application for trademark with the Patent and Trademark Office.

Edifecs was represented by DLA Piper.

SELG Obtained Dismissal and Covenant-Not-To-Sue against Diversified Technologies in Patent Infringement Case

Polarity v. Diversified Technologies, (patent infringement) U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, C06-00646 SBA – filed declaratory judgment action following allegations that our client Polarity was infringing a Diversified patent relating to solid state high power modulators. Forced defendant Diversified to file a covenant not to sue Polarity in order to obtain dismissal of the action.

Diversified Technologies was represented by Fish & Richardson LLP.

SELG Successfully Settled Lawsuit On Behalf of Technology Co-Founder

Peddie v. Silicon Constellations, Inc. (patent ownership and wrongful discharge), Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, C 10CV026064 – successfully settled through formal JAMS mediation an acrimonious lawsuit on behalf of a co-founder of a technology startup who was wrongfully discharged and deprived of his patent rights.

Silicon Constellations, Inc. was represented by Tomlinson Zisko LLP

SELG Obtained Preliminary Injunction Against Microsoft Enjoining the Release of Windows

Alacritech v. Microsoft, (patent infringement) U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, C04-03284 JSW – obtained an injunction prohibiting Microsoft from releasing the next version of Windows (now known as Vista), based on our client’s allegation that Microsoft had infringed a patent written by Silicon Edge and related to network communications technology. Following the injunction order, we negotiated a three-way license with Microsoft and Broadcom Corporation, obtaining license fees while allowing Microsoft to proceed with claimed features in Vista, Alacritech to partner with Microsoft, and Alacritech to license others.

Microsoft was represented by Arnold & Porter LLP and Broadcom was represented in the negotiations by Latham & Watkins LLP.

SELG Obtained Favorable Settlement for Alacritech Technology from Microsoft

Alacritech v. Microsoft (antitrust, unfair competition) U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, C04-02057 RMW– obtained favorable settlement on eve of preliminary injunction hearing by turning Microsoft’s attempt to de-certify Alacritech’s products into a risk to the continued viability of Microsoft’s Windows Certification program.

Microsoft was represented by Heller Ehrman LLP.

SELG Obtained Summary Judgment of Non-Infringement Against Oracle

Oracle v. Mangosoft, (patent infringement) U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, C03-02267 VRW — SELG obtained a summary judgment of non-infringement against Oracle in a case involving allegations that our client’s Internet-based file sharing service infringed Oracle’s network-related patent. The case was litigated aggressively by Oracle throughout.

Oracle was represented by Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP. adobe_pdf