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Maximizing Value Through Intellectual Property Licenses

SELG attorneys have the technological understanding, business experience, and litigation skills essential to realizing the full value of our clients’ Intellectual Property (IP).

Some of the licensing matters we often handle include:

  • Prior art search and other due diligence to test the validity of your patents and to identify infringers;
  • Valuation of your patents in light of such factors as the strength of the patents, the scope of the claims, and the size of the relevant market;
  • Consideration of alternatives to licensing such as a sale of your patents, or pursuing patent infringement litigation;
  • Negotiation and documentation of intellectual property license agreements for clients in Silicon Valley, elsewhere in California, around the United States and internationally; and
  • Enforcement of intellectual property license agreements through litigation.

We can show you how a fully integrated approach to IP license agreements can add significant value to your holdings and expand the range of alternatives for monetizing IP assets.

Our attorneys can help you identify the value of your patents and help you achieve your business goals, whatever they might be.

To learn more about our experience with IP licensing and our ability to help you get the most out of your IP assets, please contact an SELG attorney today.