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The importance of intellectual property litigation for our practice and our clients has only increased in recent years. With impressive victories over high-tech giants such as Microsoft and Oracle, our reputation for excellence in court on complex IP issues continues to grow.

High-Tech Companies Depend On SELG’s Litigation Capabilities

It is common for businesses in a rapidly changing field of technology to find themselves threatened with or involved in IP litigation.  Often times, we help businesses protect their IP and leverage it in licensing negotiations.

We also help our clients distinguish between genuine and specious litigation threats in such industries as computers, software, semiconductors, integrated circuits, electronics, telecommunications, networking, storage systems, defense contracting, industrial applications, medical devices, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, health related products, and the Internet.  We often settle lawsuits by negotiating a very favorable license agreement for our clients and obtaining a dismissal with prejudice.

In other situations, when a more proactive approach is called for, we take the initiative through such tactics as a declaratory judgment action to obtain leverage for our clients in an impending infringement dispute.
Although patent litigation is a part of our IP trial practice, we also advise and represent clients in disputes involving trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.

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