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Defending Foreign Companies

Located on the edge of California’s Silicon Valley, SELG attorneys offer dependable advice and skilled representation for overseas companies faced with IP issues in the United States.

Many of the companies we represent have found that the threat of a lawsuit is a fact of life in today’s competitive landscape. It is common for a foreign company in a rapidly changing field of technology to find itself threatened with or involved in litigation in the United States.

We Provide Comprehensive Client Service in International IP Transactions

We have helped foreign companies with:

  • Protecting their rights as plaintiffs or defendants in U.S. patent infringement or license enforcement litigation;
  • Negotiating and documenting patent licensing agreements with parties in the U.S.;
  • Due diligence prior to acquisition of U.S. patents or license rights; and
  • International IP portfolio management services.

We also file PCT patent applications for U.S. companies and manage foreign patent prosecution through foreign agents.
All of our IP attorneys are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Our background in technological innovation, patent prosecution, business planning, and IP litigation means that your interests can be fully protected with respect to any aspect of an intellectual property transaction or lawsuit.

To learn more about our ability to deliver effective client service on international IP matters, please contact contact an SELG attorney today.