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Getting the Most Out of Your Intellectual Property Portfolio

Many clients depend on Silicon Edge Law Group to manage, monitor and protect the value of an entire range of intellectual property holdings. These clients base their business model on patent and IP portfolio management. If buying, selling, licensing, and enforcing patent rights as a whole represent an essential aspect of your business strategy, you probably already know how experienced IP counsel can help you protect and maximize the value of your assets.

All of our IP attorneys are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and are members of the U.S. patent bar.  We offer our clients a unique combination of technological understanding, business acumen, litigation skills, and small-firm attention and responsiveness that you would not receive at a large firm. Contact an SELG IP attorney today to learn how our approach to portfolio management can add value to your business.

We Protect and Improve Your Intellectual Property

If your business depends on effective portfolio management techniques to protect and increase the value of intellectual property holdings, you’ll find that we provide cost-effective and client-focused service across the full range of your needs:

  • Advice about patent acquisition — due diligence, validity and enforceability analysis, and valuation;
  • Negotiation and documentation of patent purchases, sales and licenses;
  • Monitoring the profitability of particular intellectual property portfolio holdings;
  • Protecting the value of your patents through cease and desist letters, injunctions, and infringement litigation; and
  • Using licensing agreements as a way to resolve patent infringement disputes.

Our clients generally find that we are the only attorneys they need to provide all of their intellectual property needs.

For additional information about our IP portfolio services, please contact an SELG attorney today.