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Vital Trial Skills to Enforce Your Patent Rights

As one of the leading IP litigation firms, SELG attorneys have extensive experience with complex patent infringement litigation. Whether it is a declaratory relief action intended to preempt litigation in an unfavorable forum, or a full-blown multi-party patent litigation requesting damages and injunctive relief, we have the experience and talent to achieve your desired result.

Aggressive Patent Enforcement to Protect Your Competitive Interests

When your position in the competitive marketplace depends on your ability to enforce your patents, enforcement proceedings can serve two purposes: (1) recovering damages for past infringement through settlement or judgment at trial, and (2) forcing your opponent to pay a royalty on future sales on favorable licensing terms or face a preliminary or permanent injunction.

That is how our federal injunction preventing the release of Microsoft’s Vista platform led to a favorable license for one of our clients.  We demonstrated a practical ability to enforce our client’s patent rights against a far bigger and more powerful opponent. We were able to help our client maximize the value of its patent through licensing — but only after we proved our ability to litigate effectively.

Patent defense and enforcement proceedings can be used to remove any doubt as to the validity and value of your patent holdings. More often, they represent an important element of a broader business strategy to get the most out of your IP rights through licensing, sale, merger, or litigation. Our experience can help point the way toward the right approach in any given situation.

To learn more about why we are the best choice to represent you, either as a plaintiff or defendant in patent infringement litigation, please contact an SELG attorney today.