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Experienced Patent Litigation Attorneys

Six of the eight attorneys at SELG are dedicated IP lawyers that offer advice and advocacy in high-stakes patent litigation of any complexity, while delivering client service in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Whether you need representation to handle plaintiff or defense litigation or our expertise in negotiating a favorable license agreement with a potential infringer or party accusing you of infringement, the skilled trial attorneys of SELG can give you or your company the representation you need.  Several of our attorneys have practiced with major national firms for decades and have the experience and connections needed to help you obtain the results you need.

We firmly believe that a client on either side of a patent infringement dispute can protect its interests without overspending on litigation. Our experience defeating some of the worlds’ biggest corporations and best-known law firms bears this out.  Below are highlights of some of our litigation victories.  For a more complete list, click here.

  • We beat Oracle’s infringement claim against our client on a motion for summary judgment — in other words, we showed that Oracle’s claims were invalid without the need for a trial.
  • We obtained an injunction against Microsoft, preventing Microsoft from releasing Vista and forcing Microsoft to negotiate a licensing agreement that significantly increased the value of our client’s network communications patents.
  • When our client was threatened with patent infringement litigation by Diversified Technologies, we beat our opponent to the punch by filing a declaratory judgment action that eventually forced a binding agreement not to sue our client.
  • When our client was about to become involved in Crossroads Systems’ aggressive patent infringement litigation against many defendants, we again took the initiative to force a favorable settlement.

Our success in all types of intellectual property infringement litigation — including copyrights and trademarks — demonstrates that SELG is the best choice to represent your company.

Whenever possible, we use infringement litigation as a vehicle for improving the value of your IP holdings; whenever necessary, we’ll defend you in court from infringement allegations by raising such defenses as invalidity, non-infringement, or unenforceability due to inequitable conduct on the part of your opponent.

For additional information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in a patent infringement dispute, please contact an SELG attorney today.