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Our Attorneys Understand Both Patent Law and High Tech

SELG attorneys have successfully obtained issuance of hundreds of patents.  We continue to demonstrate the depth of our knowledge of patent law and understanding of our clients’ technologies.  We use that understanding and knowledge, together with our extensive litigation and licensing experience, to provide our clients with results they can depend on.   Numerous patents we wote for our clients have withstood attack in vigorous licensing negotiations as well as in court.  For example, we wrote the patent on which we successfully brought suit against Microsoft for patent infringement.

We Write Patents for Clients Who Appreciate Quality and Value

The patent attorneys of Silicon Edge Law Group have the combination of knowledge, skill and experience to write patent applications for clients such as Rambus – a company whose very business model depends on the quality of their patents. Our clients hire the very best and have used SELG patent attorneys to write their patents for years.

We Provide a Full Range of Patent Services

Our background and knowledge of patent law and technology allow us to provide a broad spectrum of sophisticated patent law services. We can help you acquire, manage and realize the full value of patents in technologies such as semiconductors, memory, telecommunications, computers, software, electronics, power supplies, networking, storage, medical devices, health related products, nutraceuticals, and the Internet. We are highly skilled at evaluating patents whether for purposes of acquisition or to determine the strength of an infringement claim. When necessary, we can help you monetize your patents by enforcing them in court and have been very effective at defending clients accused of patent infringement.  We can help you meet all of your patent law needs by providing services in the following areas:

  • Obtaining issuance of broad, defensible patents in the United States and abroad;
  • Representing international clients needing U.S. patent advice or facing patent litigation risks in the U.S.;
  • Performing prior art searches and determining the strengths and weaknesses of individual patents, a patent family, or an entire patent portfolio;
  • Providing advice as to ways to strengthen your patent assets through targeted prosecution or acquisition;
  • Assessing the patent position of your competitors and making recommendations as to ways to gain a competitive IP advantage;
  • Monetizing your patents by helping to identifying relevant markets and potential targets, and by devising a strategy through licensing, litigation and/or outright sale;
  • Performing IP due diligence and handling the documentation of business transactions involving intellectual property; and
  • Patent portfolio management services.

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