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Intellectual Property and Corporate Transactions and IP Litigation

At SELG, we help clients realize the maximum benefit of their intellectual property.

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective client service for all of your intellectual property and corporate needs, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and antitrust issues. We specialize in the intellectual property needs of leading edge technology companies.

Our main practice areas include:

  • Intellectual property and business litigation;
  • Advising clients about how their patents and trademarks can improve their profitability;
  • Complex patent infringement litigation;
  •  Strategically avoiding litigation and resolving actual or threatened ligation;
  • Intellectual property licensing agreements, transfers and sales;
  • Strategic intellectual property portfolio management;
  • International IP – Obtaining, enforcing and defending intellectual property abroad;
  • Representing international companies in defense of U.S. intellectual property claims; and
  • Corporate transactions such as mergers, purchases and sales of business assets, or private equity and venture capital financing.

We provide all of our clients prompt and attentive service.  We have experience handling the most complex transactions and disputes.

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